A TV Series Pitch Bible should immerse the reader in the world of your story. Leave them feeling like they already know what your series is well before they have even laid eyes on the script. Below is a wondrously fictional TV pitch bible for a series called I Hate High School.

*These are select pages, not a full deck. 

TV Show Pitch Bible Cover
TV Show Pitch Bible Logline
TV Show Pitch Bible Summary
Show Bible Characters 1
Show Bible Characters 2
Show Bible Characters 3
TV Show Pitch Bible World
TV Show Pitch Bible Look
TV Show Pitch Bible Look
Season 1
Season 1 two
Future Seasons
TV Bible Contact Page

If you are curious to see TV show pitch bibles from existing shows there are countless available online. But be aware some of them are much larger show bibles documents (not the same a pitch bible), however some are much more like a pitch deck document. You can check some out by clicking here.