How much do you charge?

This depends on the style of deck, the number of pages, the intricacy and specifically what it is you are looking for. I know it’s annoying to not get a specific price on a website and now you have to go to the effort of emailing me, but I promise it’ll be okay. 

I provide writing, development & consultation services as well as graphic design services for pitch materials. 

If you email me I can provide you with my most up-to-date pricing guide for both graphic design and writing, development & consultation work.

Who are you?

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My name is Luke. I’ve worked in graphic design for the past 7 years, initially working largely within the music industry. I then started writing my own screenplays and fell in love with the art of storytelling. At this point, I noticed a gap in the industry for quality pitch materials, and I decided to leverage my graphic design skills to turn this into a business. Now I get to work with other screenwriters, producers, writers, and production companies to help develop their stories and bring them to life. 

Why build a pitch deck or pitch bible?

A pitch deck/bible is supposed to represent the entire tone and feel of your project. Cinema is a visual medium and often words on a page (no matter how good) can not create the feeling of the world you are trying to immerse the viewer/reader/potential client in. The easiest way to create the correct image in someone’s mind is by giving them that correct image. That’s where a pitch deck comes in. I create decks to convey the aesthetic and visual character of what you are trying to achieve from start to finish.

Why should I pay someone to build me a pitch deck?

Tone. Getting the tone of your deck to be reflective of your project is important in order to relay what your project is (and isn’t). You know that feeling when you go to an amateur business website? Something that was put together so horribly, it makes you immediately question the business itself. That is how I feel about bad pitch documents or anything design based that feels “off”. Let me help you put your best foot forward.

More questions?  Shoot me an email via the CONTACT PAGE. I’m happy to babble on about almost any questions you may have.